Launch of natural products at NSA Northern Ireland Sheep Show

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Natural Farm Health Sheep Products for Hygiene Worms Orf and Fluke

New natural products for sheep

The Natural Farm Health range of products was extended yesterday with the launch of its new range of Sheep Products at the NSA NI Sheep Show at Ballymena Livestock Mart. At the event Stephen Orr (pictured left) the National Sales Manager unveiled the line-up of new products specifically for sheep and lambs. Edward Adamson, the chairman of the NI branch of the National Sheep Association, was very helpful in securing a place for Natural Farm Health to exhibit at the show for the first time.

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Healthy dog using Imuworm

Natural Animal Health relaunches ‘IMUWORM’ for dogs

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Natural Animal Health has relaunched “IMUWORM” for dogs in response to demand from its customers during 2016. Imuworm can be easily be given to your dog in its food or in its water. As it is a natural based product it is a safe alternative for dog owners to help control worms. It works by helping your dogs own immune system deal with worms. It has been used successfully by some dog owners in their dogs for almost 20 years.

For more information about Imuworm for your dog, please click here. 

Mycoplasma in poultry

Prevent the misery of mycoplasma in chickens this winter

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Did you know that our chickens can catch colds and flus in winter just like we do?  Mycoplasma is a nasty problem that can affect chickens and its symptoms include swollen foamy eyes, coughing, sneezing and nasal discharge.

Prevention is better than cure and our Rem 3 product is a natural way to build up the immune system against the misery of mycoplasma in chickens.  Based on herb extracts, Rem 3 is simply added to drinking water on a monthly basis.  It can also be used when facing an outbreak of mycoplasma with your flock.  For more information, call David on 07711 461133 or look at our Rem 3 webpage.