Cloversan a dry disinfectant for housing of cattle and gamebirds


Natural Dry Powder Sanitiser
Is an environmentally safe product being a blend of natural ingredients
Pleasant aroma
Fresher environment – reduced ammonia and other gasses in animal housing
Can dramatically lower the disease challenge

Features of Cloversan


Pleasant aroma
Absorbs moisture and ammonia for a more hygienic environment
Strong Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal properties
Environmentally friendly

Organic Acids
Essential Oils


How to use Cloversan


Instructions for use:-
10 and 25 kg buckets or 25 kg sacks
Sprinkle 50 – 100g per square meter over the floor, lay bedding and the repeat on to the bed as necessary. Use around drinkers and feeders outdoors.
Normally apply once or twice weekly


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Maintaining a Healthy Environment with Enviromist

Cloversan maintaining a healthy housing environment