Enterite is a natural product for gamebirds with digestive upsets

Helping your Game Bird’s Digestive Upsets

Enterite is Natural Farm Health’s liquid supplement to support all types of poultry and fowl including hens, ducks, turkeys, geese, pigeons and pheasants deal following a period of illness or stress.

It is based on plant extracts which support the condition of the gut during times of digestive upset. It is also useful where dietary changes occur.

Features of Enterite

  • A blend of plant extracts and natural compounds that help supports birds’ own immune system deal with digestive upsets and infections
  • Effective way to support the condition of the gastro intestinal tract but gentle on the bird’s gut and digestive system
  • A liquid so it is easy to administer

How to use Enterite

  • Add 0.5ml per chick/1ml per adult bird to the drinking water over three to five consecutive days

To find out more, please call us on 07711 461133 or email info@naturalfarmhealth.co.uk

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