Mycoplasma pheasant game bird partridge

Features of Imumite

  • A blend of plant extracts and natural compounds that help supports the bird’s own immune system to repel red mite
  • Effective way to control red mite but gentle on the bird’s gut and digestive system
  • A liquid so it is easy to administer
  • Used monthly especially during the warm summer months
  • No egg or bird withdrawal period
  • Ideal for poultry kept on organic or free range farms
  • Palatable and has no known resistance
  • On the market for over 10 years

How to use Imumite

  • Add 1ml per adult bird to the drinking water (disallowing any other drinking water) over three consecutive days.  Then repeat monthly.
  • If young birds consume the Imumite treated drinking water, this is safe.  If specifically feeding young birds, use 0.5ml per bird between two and four months’ old.
  • If possible, try to reduce the available drinking water to one day’s intake per bird to ensure the dose is taken within 24 hours.

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