Respiratory challenges

Combating respiratory problems in your cattle

Respiratory problems is one of the major challenges on cattle farms especially after weaning and during the winter months. It can affect all ages of animals from newly born calves all way through to finishing cattle. Natural Farm Health has a natural product called RESPIREX which could help support your animals own immune systems that it can withstand these challenges. 

Being 100% natural, there is no withdrawal period with Respirex.  Simply add it to the animals drinking water as required.

Features of Respirex

  • A blend of plant extracts and natural compounds that help supports the animals own immune system to combat respiratory challenges
  • A liquid so it is easy to administer
  • Used monthly
  • No withdrawal period
  • Palatable and has no known resistance
  • On the market since 1999

How to use Respirex

Respirex can be easily added to the animals water supply, to its feed or can be given directly orally. Obviously the less stressful the method chosen – the better for the animal!

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