Cattle production whether it be dairy or beef production now demands a lot more from the cattle that was previously the case.

In the past, lower levels of growth and production were accepted, however now with intensification, lower margins and genetic improvements a lot more is expected and obtained.

As a consequence variables such as in feed and the animal’s environment in which they are kept have changed or do change throughout the year. These changes can cause the cattle to consume and dwell in less than ideal environmental conditions which can have a deleterious effect on the animal’s health and can lead to the buildup in health challenges whether through disease or parasites.

These challenges are on animals that often have a lower level of resistance than may have been the case in days gone by. This in turn has led to cattle farmers having to use a plethora of drugs and vaccines to counter this health deficit in their livestock as they either progress through their production lifecycle on the farm are bought in from other farms often bringing with them other disease challenges.

Natural Farm Health has a range of naturally based programmes to help dairy and beef farmer deal with these new health demands and variable environmental housing conditions. Solutions have been developed to promote a healthier environment and a more robust resistance to disease challenges. The basis of these programmes is the use of organic acids, herb extracts, and organic compounds.


Clean housing and clean air leads to healthier animals and birds


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