Natural Farm Health Sheep Products for Hygiene Worms Orf and Fluke

Natural Farm Health

With over 20 years experience supplying our customers with a complete selection of natural products. In 2014 the Cloverleaf Farm Services product range was included in the business. Natural Farm Health now supplies customers across GB and Ireland.

The company now also aligned itself with leading nutritional supplement companies and supplies a range of customised feed supplements.

Our product portfolio includes a range of mineral and trace elements supplements, yeasts, toxin binders and rumen buffers.

In 2018 the business intends to extend its customer base into GB and Ireland having already developed an initial business foothold in each of these markets.

A little bit about our business

We provide hoof, udder and skincare products as well as helping with the important area of housing hygiene. The word “natural” is in our business name so our products are primarily based on natural ingredients. Consequently they are safe to use and there have no known side effects.

One of the most important attributes is that the use of these products results in no resistance build-up and there is no withdrawal period following their use.

Our main principle is based on firstly lowering the infection and secondly on naturally raising resistance levels in animal to the disease challenge.

This can lead to:

  • Reduced mortality levels
  • Better nutrient utilisation
  • Improved feed efficiency
  • Saved costs
  • Improved returns

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