Natural Farm Health Sheep Programme

– the natural way to look after your sheep

Easy to Use

A feed supplement which can be added to the sheep’s food or water.


Natural ingredients therefore no side effects

No resistance buildup

Parasitic micro-organisms are unlikely to become resistant.

Environmentally friendly

No toxic residues on the environment.

Poor hygiene in housing can lead to health problems in your flock.  This is especially important at lambing time.


Use CLOVERSAN at Lambing Time for Health & Hygiene.  A clean environment in the lambing pen is very important as this prevents infections developing.  Reducing the infection pressure means healthier lambs and lower mortality


  • Maintains a drier pen due to its high moisture absorbancy
  • Natural antimicrobial properties which reduces the threat posed by harmful bacteria
  • Neutralises ammonia gas in the environment thus improves air quality
  • Safe to use creating a pleasant aroma and healthy environment
Healthy sheep and lambs

Are your sheep or lambs suffering from any of the following conditions?


After lambing, one of the biggest challenges for shepherds is often Orf which can cause problems with the lamb feeding and the ewes udder becoming infected as well as reduced growth rate by up to 10%.

Use IMU-ORF to support the sheep and lambs own immune system fight challenges from Orf.


Worm infections can reduce growth rates by up to 50%.

Use IMUWORM in both sheep and lambs to buildup a strong immune system to combat worm challenges.


Fluke infections cause ill-thrift, under production and unseen considerable financial loss.

Use IMUFLUKE in both sheep and lambs to buildup a strong immune system to combat fluke challenges

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