Prevent Mastitis in Cows & Lowering Somatic Cell Count

Mastitis in Cows & Lowering Somatic Cell Count in Dairy Cows

Mastitis in cows is a major problem with dairy farmers in the UK and Ireland. Over the last 20 years, many of our dairy farmers have been following our Mastitis Cell Count Programme and the results have been amazing in terms of keeping the Somatic Cell Count (SCC) low. But what happens if the farmer decides to stop using the programme?

“One of our County Tyrone dairy farmers recently stopped using our Mastitis Cell Count Programme having been convinced to try another product from a different supplier,” reports David Willis, Managing Director of Natural Farm Health. “After using our programme for several years, this farmer had been enjoying a very low SCC which had dropped from 250 down to 70. Then when he stopped using our products, his SCC increased significantly and is now edging towards 300. In addition to losing milk yield, he will be in danger of losing his milk quality bonus from the milk processor plus the competitor products are much more expensive.”

So what is the Natural Farm Health Mastitis Cell Count Programme?

“There are two products within our Cell Count Programme. Firstly, dairy farmers should use Cloversan in the cubicles and calving pen. This is a natural-based powder with anti-microbial properties and it helps to absorb noxious gases in the housing atmosphere as well as keeping the bed dry by absorbing moisture. When the cow calves, the farmer should add Mastex to a bucket of warm water within two or three hours of calving. This is a natural way to support the cow’s own immune system against mastitis. Should a cow develop cruds or a hard quarter in the udder, then the cow should be given more Mastex over a period of at least three days,” continues David.

No more mastitis in cows – the dump bucket is now redundant!

The Mastitis Cell Count Programme is even easier to follow where the farmer has a cow scoop. But the economic benefits are huge as it stops milk being dumped as no antibiotics are required. One County Down farmer summed it up by saying that “the dump bucket is now redundant”.

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