Launch of Natural Products at NSA Northern Ireland Sheep Show

Natural Farm Health Stand at NSA Sheep Show Ballymena

The Natural Farm Health range of products was extended yesterday with the launch of its new range of Sheep Products at the NSA NI Sheep Show at Ballymena Livestock Mart. At the event Stephen Orr (pictured left) the National Sales Manager unveiled the line-up of new products specifically for sheep and lambs. Edward Adamson, the chairman of the NI branch of the National Sheep Association, was very helpful in securing a place for Natural Farm Health to exhibit at the show for the first time.

Hygiene, Worms, Orf and Fluke

The Natural Farm Health Sheep Programme consists of a range of products designed specifically to address several of the main concerns of sheep farmers – improving hygiene in the lambing pen and hence lamb health, improved control of worms in both sheep and lambs, prevention of orf as this can present major difficulties in the flock if it gets out of control and can lead to serious financial implications if it occurs on certain pedigree sheep breeds, and lastly the control of liver fluke as this can badly affect the overall performance of the flock through ill-thrift and under production.

New look for Natural Farm Health

The company logo, product labels and promotional material were all updated and redesigned by Jonathan Willis of  These were well received by the farmers and visitors some of whom were attracted to the Natural Farm Health trade stand by the contemporary packaging design.

Use Cloversan for housing hygiene

A safe and natural product, Cloversan has been a favourite of many farmers for a long time.  It is not just for sheep but has been used extensively by gamebird farmers who bring in day old chicks and require a product with excellent antimicrobial properties with a high moisture absorbency.  It will also neutralise any ammonia gas creating a pleasant aroma in the lambing pens.  Over the last three years, a number of sheep farmers have started using Cloversan and have been very pleased with the results.

Control worms in sheep with Imuworm

Imuworm has been used for many years by a loyal following of customers of Natural Farm Health and when used on a monthly basis it can maintain sheep health and productivity. It is a safe and natural product which has given consistent results in the past

Great interest in Imufluke and Imu-Orf

Following several successful farm trials, Natural Farm Health has today launched its two newest products Imufluke and Imu-Orf.

“There was a very good response by many farmers we spoke to who visited our stand,” commented David Willis, Managing Director of Natural Farm Health.  “Unfortunately it won’t be until next lambing time that Imu-Orf could be used but at least many sheep farmers are now aware of this exciting new product.  Fluke will soon be upon us so it will be interesting to see how things develop for Natural Farm Health in the sheep sector over the coming months. Some of the farmers discussed their concerns in relation to antibiotic and anthelmintic resistance and were very interested in possibilities in maintaining their animal health in a natural way.”

For more information

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