Mastex – A Natural Approach To Mastitis On The Dairy Farm

Mastex – A Natural Approach To Mastitis On The Dairy Farm

Mastitis is an ever present challenge on dairy farms and it is estimated that each case can cost over £450 in terms of lost milk yields, reduced fertility and treatments. Natural Farm Health has developed a natural product called “Mastex” for cows during this critical period which has been found to be very effective in combating mastitis.

What is Mastitis?

Mastitis is inflammation of the udder. It results in cows producing less milk as well as having a negative impact on fertility. In extreme cases, it can even lead to death.

How can Mastex help?

Mastex increases the cow’s ability to deal with udder infection and supports healing and recovery in the cow’s affected udder quarter.

The Benefits of Mastex

Mastex is based on organic acids, plant extracts and essential oils so it is a natural product. There is therefore no need to dispose of milk and there are no side effects from using it. The quantity and quality of milk are maintained while also giving support to the immune system. It even stimulates the appetite which is especially important after calving.

As well as being used for mastitis, Mastex can also be used in instances of cruds, blood in milk or high somatic cell count.

New 20 Litre Containers of Mastex

Natural Farm Health has now started delivering Mastex to dairy farms in new 20 litre containers due to requests from dairy farmers in Northern Ireland. It is being used either to complement current treatments or as an alternative to conventional treatment by others. For best results, it should be used over a five day period.