Fighting Mastitis in dairy cows with Mastex

Combating mastitis in your dairy cows

Mastitis is one of the most economically important diseases faced by dairy farmers today.  Natural Farm Health have developed Mastex which is a cost-effective way to deal with mastitis.  It can be used easily on the farm to enhance and support the cow’s natural ability to cope with problems such as:

  • Individual cows that repeatedly succumb to mastitis within the same lactation
  • Freshly calved cows or heifers introduced into the milking herd
  • Faulty and worn out equipment being used with incorrect settings in place
  • Deficiencies in ration being used and the mineral levels being fed
  • Stress
  • Infection build-up in housing

The Use of Antibiotics

The general public are becoming very concerned about the widespread use of antibiotics in cows. It is very common for dairy farmers to use antibiotics to treat mastitis but this can lead to various problems on the farm including:

  • Build-up of antibiotic resistant mastitis causing organisms on their farm
  • Danger of mistakes happening and antibiotics getting into the milk tank
  • Having to dispose of milk following antibiotic treatment

The Cost of Mastitis

In 2016, Milkrite estimated that it costs £451 for each case of mastitis. This includes the loss of milk, decreased milk production, decreased fertility, ineffective treatments, culling and death.

What is Mastex?

Mastex is a liquid complex of herbal extracts and organic compounds blended to support the care of your dairy cows udder health.  It is used immediately after calving and at first signs of mastitis.

The Benefits of Mastex

  • A natural product with no disposal of milk and no side effects
  • It maintains the quality and quantity of milk
  • It supports the cow in a period of stress, lethargy and weakness
  • It supports the condition and natural immune system
  • It stimulates the appetite post calving
  • Easy to use


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